Campaign “Information”

This is WNEPPY!

Looks like a rubber duck – but it is much, much more! It is an ‘ambassador’!

In Europe, every child knows it but in Asia, they don’t.

WNEPPY was designed to make children interested in the conservation and preservation of nature. It is addressed as preschool and school children of countries in Asia.

Its motto: WNEPPY only feels good in clean – and garbage-free – water!

In this context, we want to start a conversation with the respective regional authorities in order to design a general plan of how to tackle the issue. Later on, we want to offer support by providing for example information material (like videos, photos, and brochures).

This statement, by an Indonesian woman on Bali, shows how important informational campaigns are (you can find the documentary under the following link, and her statement at 00:52-01:20 min) (for the desired subtitle language, please make the appropriate setting in the Youtube window below): (D)

We already held preliminary talks concerning the issue.

We will publish further information about the campaign here, as soon as the project funding is fully secured.