Projects (3)

Planning, construction and operation of a large-scale plant for recycling empty plastic drinks bottles (as a pilot project)

Regional assignment: Southeast Asia, Thailand, Phuket/PhangNga/Krabi region

The situation:
In the Andaman Sea region (Phuket/PhangNga/Krabi region) alone, several hundred thousand empty plastic beverage bottles are produced every day without a (properly functioning) recycling system currently in place.

The planning:
Planning, construction and operation of a recycling plant, which in Thailand serves as a kind of ‘model plant’ for a circular economy solution for empty plastic beverage bottles.

The future:
With the implementation of such a facility, a ‘role model’ facility (a circular economy solution for plastic waste) could be created for several countries in Southeast Asia. Following the example of this model plant, more of these plants could then be built in other regions of Thailand and in other countries in Southeast Asia.