Further Campaigns

Right now, we need to take action to clean up the oceans, rivers, and lakes – and we need to keep them clean. These measures are so important because of the current catastrophic state nature and the environment are in all over the world.

Therefore, we want to become active in key areas.

There are already projects all over the world that take action in these key areas.

We, with our project, want to participate in a few of these projects and where possible support them financially (given that we have a budget for it or can raise funds for them).

A few of these projects are:

01 – Citarum River (Indonesia)

The Citarum river is considered the “dirtiest river on earth”.

Many small factories (e.g. 1.500 textile factories) discharge their sewages into the river over a stretch of 300 km.

In addition, the population disposes of their garbage and waste in the river.

At some places, one cannot see the water of the river anymore because it is so heavily polluted by (plastic) waste.

It is necessary to organise clean-ups immediately. We need to create concepts for the industry as well as the people to better dispose of their waste. In addition, we need campaigns that inform the people about issues of natural conservation and environmental protection.

The local environmental protection project “Elingan” tackles this problem already. That is why we want to support it.

According to current information, the Indonesian government wants to provide 3,5 billion USD over the next few years for measures to protect and improve the environment at the Citarum river. However, often not enough of the money reaches its destination.

02 – Ganges River (India)

The Ganges stretches over 2.500 km.

The river is in a similar state as the Citarum river (see above).

Waste from industry, sewages, and garbage pollute the river heavily.