Erdkugel Asien
Asia ..!! (southeast)
Finest Nature
Asia is the continent with the most beautiful nature..!!
Nicest beaches...
And with the the most beautiful beaches .. !!
Verschmutzung I
Nature and beaches are in great danger..!!
Verschmutzung II
Currently it looks like this in many places..!!
House of waste
And so..!!
Büffel im Dreck
This is a big problem for the animals..!!
Junge im Müll
And for the people..!!
Zeit, was zu tun!
Let us finally do something, before it is too late..!!
Mit Ihrer Hilfe...
Let's start NOW..!!
If all help, it will be possible..!!
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We will start now..!!

And you..??

You can help to change the present situation .. !!

How..?? With your  co-operation or/and your donation..!!


protect asia

Let us do something for nature and the environment in Asia..!!

For nature and the environment – and thus for a better life..!!

Let us improve the present state of nature and the environment..!!

Let us tackle the waste problem..!!

Let us find solutions to preserve life..!!

Together, we can do it..!!

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protect asia

protect asia is an international non-profit project of the projectgroup protect asia, in co-operation with the projectgroup wnep (world nature environment protection),

in co-operation with and supported by the governments of participating states,

in co-operation with and supported by well-known participating companies,

in co-operation with and supported by well-known participating persons and sponsors.

project management

F. Juds, engineer
A. Pahner, engineer
H. Limpach, engineer
J. Schäfer, engineer
P. Sommer, engineer
A. Grossmann
M. Wegener
P. Wendt

current regional contact persons in asia

N. Thanwareth (Bangkok)
R. Semken (Samui)
C. Reaphet (Phuket)
I. Moser (Bali)
S. Baluyot (Tacloban City)
M. Siebert (Sihanoukville)
V. Suong (Siem Reap)