Pilot Projects

A unique concept of pilot projects is currently being planned.

Regional allocation:
Southeast Asia, Thailand
(More countries will follow as soon as the therefore necessary budget is available.)

For details see here (short version):

Project WNEP#Basic (Proj. Nr. 200616-00)
Establishment of a central planning, coordination and implementation office for nature and environmental measures (especially regarding the plastic waste problem) in S/E-Asia.
Tasks of the office: Planning, coordination and implementation of the individual regional nature and environmental protection measures (the individual projects); in this regard also cooperation with other project groups.

Project WNEP#01 (Proj. Nr. 200616-01)
Working title: Pilot project “Goodbye Plastic-Bags”
In coordination with regional and national big supermarket companys:
Replacement of pastic bags with new (reusable) shopping bags.
The bags are made from recycled plastic bottles.
The bags are variable in color and printable (e.g. with advertising).
The concept has already been tested (in Europe).

Project WNEP#02 (Proj. Nr. 200616-02)
Working title: Pilot project “Waste separation, right at the time of collection”
Improvement of waste collection in public areas (especially separate collection of empty glass and plastic beverage bottles).
Development, production and installation of (optically appealing) collection containers.
If necessary, available containers are also used.
Regions: Initially selected beaches in the regions of Phuket, PhangNga, Krabi.
Cooperation with regional waste disposal and processing companies.
Cooperation with regional manufacturers.

Project WNEP#03 (Proj. Nr. 200616-03)
Working title: Pilot project “Promotion (expansion) of a concept for the substitution of plastic bottles with glass bottles and introduction of a return / deposit system)”
Cooperation with the project group “Glassic”.
“Glassic” is already involved in building appropriate systems on site.

Project WNEP#04 (Proj. Nr. 200616-04)
Working title: Pilot project “Raising awareness of children and their parents on issues of nature and environmental protection”
Under the project title “My Environment and Me” (working title), schoolchildren should be invited to participate in a national competition that involves sending photos/drawings, (via email or upload to a website, is still being decided), which show what you can do or already do to improve the current natural and environmental situation (especially with a view to the current plastic waste situation).
As part of this competition, it should also be proposed to send in photos / drawings of ideas and signs / plaques that point to the current problem with pastic waste – and show the possible solutions.
The best entries will be awarded. Bonuses, for example: bicycles (first prices), school supplies (further prices).
Such an action inevitably results in:
– Considerable sensitization to questions of nature and environmental protection
– creating incentives for own practical measures

Project WNEP#05 (Proj. Nr. 200616-05)
Working title: Pilot project “Realization of dialogue processes and cooperation for the purpose of reducing plastic waste”
Partners: hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, waste disposal companies, authorities, etc..
Regions: Initially Phuket, PhangNga, Krabi.

Project WNEP#06 (Proj. Nr. 200616-06)
Working title: Pilot project “Video clip for nature and the environment”
Production of a video clip (approx. 30 sec.).
Contents: The current nature and environmental situation (especially: the plastic waste situation); and: what everyone can do to improve this situation.
Distribution of this clip on social media services (WhatsApp, YouTube) – and on TV (with a corresponding budget).
Cooperation with regional companies.

Project WNEP#07 (Proj. Nr. 200616-07)
Working title: Pilot project “Together against plastic waste – Clean the Chaopraya River”
Cleaning the Chaopraya from (plastic) rubbish (on the water surface), first in the area of ​​Ko Kret to the mouth in the Gulf of Thailand; also cleaning the confluence areas of Klongs in this area (length, depending on budget; length, total: approx. 65 km).
Handover of the collected waste to regional disposal and processing companies.
Joint action with other project groups.

Project WNEP#08 (Proj. Nr. 200328-01)
Working title: Pilot project “fight against plastic waste”
In cooperation with the project group “Oceans for All” (“OFA”):
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Project WNEP#09 (Proj. Nr. 200408-01)
Working title: Pilot project “Phuket cleans up”
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Project WNEP#10 (Proj. Nr. 200410-01)
Working title: Pilot project “Zebra-Shark”
The zebra shark (by the way, it is harmless to humans) plays an important role in maritime equilibrium.
Together with the “OFA Foundation” and the “Phuket Marine Biological Center”, we want to do something to preserve this species.
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